Crocs with Socks

Sneakers, sandals, slippers, or flips
Flops and, socks, or maybe crocs.
Vans, and addida, champion too
Oh the many shoes to go through

But here is a man who knows shoes well
He has much to teach and tell
This man is named Mr. Ned
He has a shoe on his head

Mr. Ned went to school
The university of Crocs&Socks
Now all he wears is comfort shoes
Things that make him feel good and cool

So now lets hear the story
The story of Mr. Ned
The story of he got to where he is now
A story of his march ahead

Mr. Ned was a poor little boy
Grown up in the city of This Way And That
But poor little Ned had a no bed
No where to rest, but it was all his best

So Mr. Ned made a choice
He would travel abroad to study shoes
It was a good cause
To make sure no foot could lose

He went to school
The school of tick tocks
A place where he learned
Of sandals with clocks

He then moved on to Toe Boot School
Where he learned his boots
Inside and out
Making sure to know it all well through

But poor Mr. Ned didn’t like any of those shoes, they made his feet hurt or uncomfortable
So he chose to move on to Sneaker Squeaker, a school of silent sound

But Ned didn’t like this school one bit
It was all silent, but the squeak of the sneak, you could never be happy, making no noise, so he chose to move on
To the school of Shoe Boys

But when he arrived
The school wasn’t for him
They chased him out
Throwing hard doll toys

That school was for girls
A lot of them too
The smell and the hair
Made Ned coocoo

He then decided
“Proffesional I should go”
So he chose to go
To the school of Shoe Snow

But that school was cold
Except for his feet
They were warm
Even through the sleet

So he left being freezing
And went to a beach
But all he found there
Was shoes white with bleach

Why you should ask?
Well it’s really quite simple
The people love shoes
Not the yellow of sand

They want their shoes clean
Not fat, wide, or lean
So they made sure to put bleach
Where ever a shoe may land

But Mr. Ned decided that even
That wasn’t for him
So he took a bus
To City Where Ever Whim

There he found a school of Crocs
Crocs with socks
Some shoes were black, others were red
Yet nothing there, was a sight of dread

The style was intricate
Fancy yet easy
A sock must be put in every croc
A sock and shoe was comfy
And made you want to walk

So Mr. Ned finally found what he loved
A sock with a Croc a style of uniqueness
A sock of DeWine, with a basic Shoe
Made it seem, like anything he could do

He marched up a hill
With a smile on his face
And a paintbrush in hand
Oh the color you could make your crocs
Yet it always washed off, with soap-a-krill

Socks with crocs were what he needed
He made sure to stand tall
And to announce his discovery
To all passerbys’s he meeted

Mr. Ned now wears crocs and socks
A croc on his head
And socks on his feet
No heavy thing could ever slow him
Not even the eight of of a rock solid block

So please go ask of Mr. Ned of his journ
He has made it all around the world
But now Mr. Ned needs some rest
He lays down on his bed
Knowing He found the best.

Faceless Love

Mother and Daughter

Faceless People

Faceless people, how beautiful are we?
Not anyone’s eyes can ever see–
Our faceless faces, out of sight.
Disguised with freedom to write!

Faceless people, no mouth, yet with a voice.
No eyes, yet can see, and follow choice.
With hands to write down all our say,
That may see the light of day.

Faceless people, we can shout our faint cries;
Without being judged by just our guise.
Without a face, we can escape–
The horror they try to shape.

Faceless people, let’s burn our old faces,
Let’s be unknown through all the places.
No need for blood, no need for tears,
No need for despair nor fears!

Faceless people, how beautiful are we?
Judged by just our personality,
Our words, our dreams, our soul, our heart–
Faceless people, we’re the start.

Why are wives of narcissists treated the most cruel? Especially behind closed doors?

The long term spouse of a narcissist is the ultimate doormat.

The ultimate cushion to the narcissist’s own inner rage, turmoil, and chaos, and the purpose of the cushion is to absorb blow after blow, to prevent the narcissist’s own demise.

The narcissist is a self-destructive beast, and the only thing that prevents the narcissist from fully self-destructing, is having a target (supply) which is capable of absorbing the narcissist’s regular stream of self-destructive blows, through narcissistic projection.

Through narcissistic projection, the narcissist creates an effective shield against their own self-generated onslaught, meaning instead of being on the receiving end of the onslaught, it is instead handed to the target to take on and deal with.

Although the narcissist tries to use everyone to their advantage, no-one is capable of saving them from themselves quite like their long-term co-habiting partner.

Their long-term co-habiting partner, gives nothing less than their all and everything, to ensure the narcissist’s survival.

Oftentimes, perhaps most of the time, the partner does not even quite grasp the role they are playing, or who they are playing with.

They are just trying to survive, survive a predicament which not even they fully understand.

What Is at the Heart of Dark traits Like Narcissism?

At the very very core of dark triad personalities like narcissism, is a deep rooted sense of self-loathing.

That’s right, narcissists hate themselves about as much as anyone can hate anything. And with self-hatred, comes the close sibling – shame. Narcissists have a deep rooted sense of shame as well.

Because narcissists are unable to process these feelings in a healthy way, and because narcissists do not take responsibility or accountability for their own shortcomings or failures, they don’t want to own up to their problems.

So, instead of accepting these feelings as their own, instead of accepting they have problems which should be worked on, they make such problems the world’s problems.

By relinquishing any sense of accountability for themselves, they set into a motion a series of toxic tornados designed to created chaos, drama, and turmoil to those around.

As the narcissist watches the destruction unfold, chaos and drama all around them, they don’t feel so bad anymore. A homely feeling now abounds.

Those who roam on the dark side, like to cast pupil-dilating shade all around them.

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